The podcast about chain restaurants.
Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger love to talk almost as much as they love to eat. On Doughboys, they review chain restaurants and generally gab about grub.

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31 - Steak 'n Shake 2 with Evan Susser - (1:42:18) 46.97 MB
Friend of the podcast Evan Susser returns for a follow-up to our controversial Steak 'n Shake episode. The 'boys and Suss travel to a full service Steak 'n Shake in Victorville, California, to get the complete experience. Plus, a new holiday segment called Season's Eatings.

30 - Arby's with Vanessa Ramos - (1:34:57) 43.61 MB
The Doughboys sit down with TV writer and self-proclaimed Kate Middleton of Arby's Vanessa Ramos (Superstore, @midnight) to discuss the house that roast beef built. Plus, Food Court is once again in session.

29 - Wingstop with Emmy Blotnick - (1:29:52) 41.28 MB
The 'boys review one of the biggest players in the Buffalo wings game with stand-up comedian, writer, and wings super fan Emmy Blotnick (@midnight, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser). Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank.

28 - Del Taco with Alan Yang - (1:43:18) 47.43 MB
A frequent topic of conversation on the podcast, west of the Mississippi Mexican fast food chain Del Taco gets its own episode, with foodie and TV writer Alan Yang (Master of None, Parks and Recreation). Plus, Alan reveals his Last Meal.

27 - Fuddruckers with Ryan Perez - (1:47:46) 49.48 MB
The 'boys analyze Fuddruckers -- the self-proclaimed home of the World's Greatest Hamburgers -- with guest Ryan Perez of Funny or Die and Moonbeam City. Mitch and Ryan face each other down in an all new Wiger Challenge.

26 - Burger King with John Roy - (1:35:42) 43.95 MB
The Doughboys train their sights on the world's second largest burger chain, as comedian John Roy (Conan, Don't Ever Change podcast) joins to review BK. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack.

25 - Rockdoughberfest: Rock & Brews with Zoe Jarman - (1:36:06) 44.13 MB
Rockdoughberfest 2015 concludes, as writer and actress Zoe Jarman (Workaholics, The Mindy Project) sits in with the 'boys to review new-ish chain Rock & Brews, from the cofounders of KISS. And, a Halloween candy edition of Flavor of the Week.

24 - Rockdoughberfest: Hard Rock Cafe with Scott Gairdner - (1:56:13) 53.35 MB
As Rockdoughberfest continues, the 'boys welcome Moonbeam City creator and Funny or Die alum Scott Gairdner to the podcast, to review the rock restaurant that started it all: Hard Rock Cafe. Plus, the premiere of The Leftovers.

23 - Rockdoughberfest: Margaritaville with Mike Carlson - (1:42:09) 46.91 MB
The Doughboys sit down with actor and Jimmy Buffett superfan Mike Carlson (Conan, UCB) to discuss the rocker's flagship restaurant, Margaritaville. And, a new edition of Drank or Stank.

22 - Rockdoughberfest: Cabo Wabo Cantina with Julie Brister - (1:32:28) 42.47 MB
Actress and comedian Julie Brister (Review, The Onion) joins Mitch and Nick to discuss former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar's south of the border restaurant chain, Cabo Wabo Cantina. Plus, the inaugural edition of Food Court.

21 - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue with Eugene Cordero - (1:40:45) 46.27 MB
Actor, comedian, and newly appointed captain of #SpoonNation Eugene Cordero (Other Space, Kroll Show) stops by to share his love for island institution L&L Hawaiian Barbecue / L&L Drive-Inn. Plus, another edition of Flavor of the Week.

20 - Starbucks with Joe Saunders - (1:43:48) 47.66 MB
The 'boys evaluate the most powerful, most influential coffee chain in the world with the aid of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Emmys writer Joe Saunders -- and play a special home baked edition of Snack or Wack.

19 - Buffalo Wild Wings with Matt Selman - (1:34:16) 43.29 MB
Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the hottest chain restaurants in America. Longtime Simpsons writer and self-described foodie Matt Selman joins Doughboys to review "B-Dubs". Plus, the Wiger Challenge!

18 - Steak 'n Shake with Evan Susser - (1:31:56) 42.23 MB
Screenwriter and friend of the podcast Evan Susser (Sonic the Hedgehog, Fist Fight) joins in studio to convey his passion for Steak 'n Shake to neophytes Nick and Mitch. But do they really get the full experience? Plus: a jellybean edition of Snack or Wack.

17 - Subway with Fran Gillespie - (1:36:23) 44.26 MB
Fran Gillespie (Funny or Die, Comedy Bang! Bang!) is Panera Bread's #1 fan, but she sits down with the 'boys to discuss another bread based eatery: sandwich shop Subway, whose reputation is in peril after its pitchman's recent guilty plea. Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank.

16 - In-N-Out Burger with Armen Weitzman - (1:36:07) 44.14 MB
Actor, comedian, and LA native Armen Weitzman (Another Period, Burning Love) sits in with Nick and Mitch to discuss beloved west coast institution In-N-Out Burger -- and to reveal what he'd eat for his Last Meal.

15 - Boston Market with Annie Mebane - (1:42:12) 46.93 MB
The 'boys recruit former Boston Market employee and current TV writer Annie Mebane (Community, The Goldbergs) to help evaluate the homestyle meal chain. Plus, a Lay's edition of Flavor of the Week.

14 - Original Tommy's with Jim Woods - (1:39:42) 45.79 MB
The 'boys review a Los Angeles icon: Original Tommy's, a chili burger and dog chain, with the help of actor and improviser Jim Woods (Reno 911!, The Office, Boom Chicago). Plus, a special boozy edition of Drank or Stank.

13 - Denny's with Farley Elliott - (1:30:32) 41.59 MB
It's time for Denny's, as food writer Farley Elliott joins to help review America's Diner.

12 - Chick-fil-A with Betsy Sodaro - (1:31:56) 42.22 MB
The 'boys assess hot button chicken sandwich chain Chik-fil-A with their guest, actress and comedian Betsy Sodaro.

11 - Carrows with Erin Whitehead - (1:13:20) 84.06 MB
Actress and writer Erin Whitehead joins the Doughboys for the wake of disappearing southwest diner chain Carrows.

10 - Domino's with Matt Kowalick - (1:23:49) 38.51 MB
The 'boys review Domino's Pizza with Mitch's former roommate and Birthday Boys alum Matt Kowalick.

9 - Carl's Jr./Hardee's with Ben Axelrad - (1:28:40) 40.73 MB
Doughboys break down dual identity burger chain Carl's Jr./Hardee's with the help of writer and comedian Ben Axelrad.

8 - Umami Burger with Heather Anne Campbell - (1:11:45) 32.99 MB
Mitch and Wiger survey upstart chain Umami Burger with Whose Line is it Anyway's Heather Anne Campbell.

7 - Chipotle with Mike Hanford - (1:19:53) 36.71 MB
The Doughboys welcome Birthday Boy Mike Hanford to break down Mexican fast-casual chain Chipotle.

6 - TGI Fridays with Jordan Morris - (1:18:01) 35.86 MB
The 'boys review TGI Fridays with the help of @midnight writer and Jordan, Jesse, Go! host Jordan Morris.

5 - Long John Silver's with Mary Holland - (1:10:08) 32.25 MB
Doughboys set a course for fried seafood institution Long John Silver's, with actress and comedian Mary Holland.

4 - Outback Steakhouse with Jon Gabrus - (1:12:22) 33.27 MB
The boys are joined by Guy Code's Jon Gabrus to review the Aussie inspired steak chain.

3 - IHOP with Alison Agosti - (1:11:23) 32.68 MB
Mitch and Nick welcome guest Alison Agosti to review IHOP, discuss tipping etiquette, and play Snack or Wack.

2 - Taco Bell with Jack Allison - (1:14:31) 34.26 MB
The Doughboys discuss the cultural significance of Taco Bell as well as review its breakfast menu.

1 - Chili's with Eva Anderson - (1:17:23) 35.57 MB
On the premier episode of Doughboys, fast food chain connoisseurs Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger discuss Chili's with guest Eva Anderson!